Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling


Do you feel empty, wrong, broken, scared, lonely, lacking in direction, unhappy, depressed, anxious, have trouble with relationships or notice yourself repeating unhealthy patterns in your life? Do you feel stuck, unsure, disconnected or isolated?

These are many of the reasons people come to therapy, if you are feeling some or all of these  issues, you are not alone and this is not the way life needs to continue to be.

It is my passion to help people to feel better about themselves, their lives and relationships and feel connected and fulfilled.

I provide a safe, supportive and warm environment to explore and discover what is important for you to feel whole and connected again. The way I practice is to help you to become more self aware and gain a deeper understanding of where  limiting beliefs come from and how these play out in your life. It is my experience that when one feels completely accepted, acknowledged, and taken seriously, when one is listened to, treated with respect and gentleness and can learn to see themselves this way too, magic happens and transformation occurs.

I love working with people assisting them to believe in who they are. Every individual is unique and special in their own way and I am constantly moved and touched by the courage and deep yearnings of my clients to connect with their inner truth and wisdom and lead happier more fulfilled lives.

Counselling Teenagers

I have a real interest and passion for working with and counselling teenagers, helping them to connect more deeply with themselves and what it is they want to create in their lives. The teenage years are a time of great change and often uncertainty and confusion around feeling steady and worthy of a good life ,strong connections and acceptance. Learning to express and process emotions such as fear, low self worth, anxiety, depression and confusion can bring a sense of stability.

I remember my own difficult teen years well, and am the parent of a teenage daughter and love being able to bring to my practice what I feel I missed out on during this difficult time, namely support, care, someone to be genuinely interested, accepting and a source of guidance, with some humour thrown in, because we all need that!


I am a registered psychotherapist and a member of PBANZ, and ICEEFT and am currently certifying as an Emotionally focused therapist for couples.

One Hour  Psychotherapy / Counselling Session: $115  

One hour Psychotherapy/Counselling Teens: $92 (Negotiable)

One hour Couples Counselling: $115-$138  (depending on income).

New clients welcome

Skype sessions available


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