Rebecca Bergkessel

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 I grew up in Le Bons Bay on the beautiful Banks Peninsula on an organic farm. We had an extensive vegetable garden and orchard and cows we milked for our dairy needs. We made butter, cheese and yoghurt  and had chooks for eggs. We ground our own flour for cooking and had bees for honey. We only had a coal range for warming the house, heating water and cooking so collecting and chopping wood was a big job. I rode my pony Snowy to school where they had a special pony paddock. I spent hours and hours playing outside, building huts, playing in the stream, exploring through the native bush and enjoying time with my friends and their ponies, swimming at the beach and trekking the hills.

Being brought up this way taught me the importance of fresh healthy food, the medicinal power of herbs, being grateful for what I had, and how good I felt being physically fit and strong. Being in nature, smelling the outdoor smells, hearing the bellbirds and magpies and the sun and wind on my face made me feel so alive.

This background and my interest to learn about myself, people and life, lead me to qualify in massage therapy, herbal medicine, gestalt psychotherapy and now EFT Couples Counselling.

I no longer offer appointments in massage therapy or herbal medicine but this knowledge is often incorporated into psychotherapy sessions.

I feel absolutely passionate about working with people, assisting them to live a life of joy, connection and wellbeing.


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